The event has been postponed/cancelled – am I entitled to a refund?


Under the Package Travel Regulations that govern our terms and conditions if we, the tour operator, have to cancel your package then you are entitled to a refund. There are some products that we run that fall outside of the PTR’s but in the event of cancellation we will honour this commitment to refund as well – this includes any trip that is less than 24 hours in duration (including hospitality only). If your package is cancelled our process is to inform you straight away and then issue you with a Refund Credit Note, which entitles you to a refund if you wish but equally if you are considering travelling on the same event next year, or an alternative event then we would love for you to take the Refund Credit Note and we will contact you as soon as future travel options are available. Even if Gullivers cannot get a refund from the suppliers you are entitled to a refund from us.

Is my package protected by ATOL?

Yes, if you have booked a package with us that includes a flight. This does need to be part of a package and not a flight only booking. We will give you an ATOL certificate in your booking confirmation documentation.

Can I transfer my booking to someone else?


For all bookings with departure dates up to and including October 1st 2022 we will not charge our usual amendment fees. (Any additional costs imposed by a supplier related to/or as a consequence of the change are payable by the) For full information please see Clause 6 of our Terms and conditions.

Are you members of ABTA and what does that mean?

Yes, we are. Our ABTA member is V8321. Being a member of ABTA means that we are supported by the largest travel organisation body with thousands of members. For you, the customer this means that you are booking with a travel company that adheres to the ABTA code of conduct, ensuring high standards and importantly, financial protection should we ever go out of business. In cases of disputes as well they are a body that you can call on for support.  As with the PTR’s, packages less than 24 hours in length may not be covered. Always look for the ABTA logo because this means you can book and travel with confidence.

What is Travel Aware?

Travel Aware is a government-backed campaign to provide customers with knowledge of travel restrictions/measures in place in the destination to which the customer is travelling to. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that they are up to date and aware of any measures in place in the country or destination to which they are travelling.

What is a Refund Credit note?

The infographic here best explains the Refund Credit Note.

At a time where the travel industry has faced a crisis, ABTA put in place a process to ensure that customers money was protected whilst bookings changed and tour operators struggled with the ability to refund customers within the legal 14-day window. Gullivers have refunded all customers that have requested their refund, within the 14-day window even with the new process in place.

When accepting the RCN a cash refund still remains an option for you until the deadline on your RCN (either 30th Sept 2021 or 31st Jan 2022) for non-flight inclusive packages, and 30th September 2021 for flight-inclusive packages. As the RCN nears its expiry date we will contact you to discuss the use of the RCN, either through re-booking or a refund.

Is there an expiry date to use my Refund Credit note?

Yes. The expiry date is dependant on whether your package booked with us included flights or not and the time at which it was cancelled:

  • If your package included flights, your package is ATOL bonded and the expiry date will either be 30th September 2021 or 30th September 2022 depending on when your booking was cancelled
  • If your package didn't include flights, your package is ABTA bonded and the expiry date will be listed on the RCN itself, the date will depend on when the cancellation took place but will be either or 30th September 2021 or 31st Jan 2022.

We will contact you in advance of this deadline and if you have not used your RCN by this point you are eligible for a refund of your money on or before this date. As soon as the rescheduled event is available we will contact you and offer you the opportunity to book. If you book a trip of a lesser value than the RCN you can either use that credit to make another booking or receive a refund of the difference. If your new booking is of a higher value than the RCN you will be required to pay the difference.

I had an additional re-booking incentive voucher, does this have a deadline to use?

Yes, 30th September 2021.

What are the Package Travel Regulations?

The Package Travel Regulations (PTR’s) are the law that governs tour operators and holiday companies selling package holidays. These laws have not changed since COVID-19. As the title suggests, these regulations cover package holidays. Trips less than 24 hours in duration, Accommodation only, or flight-only bookings are not covered by the same rules or protection and you should always check what protection is in place when making these bookings.

Will travel insurance cover me if I want to cancel my trip?

We strongly recommend that you contact your travel insurance provider to check your cover. Different insurance providers provide different levels of cover and differ in policy in relation to epidemic/pandemic cover.

Do I need to renew my passport now the UK has left the EU?

You may need to yes. Full information can be found here on our website

If you have a British Passport you will need to have at least 6 months validity left and your passport must have been issued within the last 10 years. You can check if you need to renew or replace your passport here

What happens if I arrive at the airport/port/border control and my passport does not have the relevant validity?

It is likely that you will be declined from boarding the train/plane and unable to travel. It is very important that you, and all of your travelling party, have checked that they have the valid documents to travel.

What checks are Gullivers doing with suppliers to ensure they are operating safely at this time?

We work with trusted suppliers across the globe. As standard, without consideration for any COVID-19 instance, all of our suppliers have to pass thorough health and safety audit in order for us to work with them. We have signed up to and gained the Safe Travels mark from the World Tourism and Travel Council to show our commitment to a safe return to travel and to our staff and customers. We will communicate to you in your final documentation what to expect at your hotel and during your trip in terms of enhanced safety measures. We have signed up to and gained the Safe Travels mark from the World Tourism and Travel Council to show our commitment to a safe return to travel and to our staff and customers. We will communicate to you in your final documentation what to expect at your hotel and during your trip in terms of enhanced safety measures.

The event has not been cancelled but I no longer wish to travel – can I have a refund?

Unfortunately not. If you were to cancel you would forfeit your deposit and any additional payments as per our terms and conditions applicable to your booking. We would recommend that you waited until the event is cancelled if that looks likely. We appreciate that in these uncertain times some flexibility is needed and we have made an amendment to our booking terms for all bookings with departure dates up to and including October 1st 2022 that we will not charge our amendment fees. This can include changing the name of the traveller. (if you are transferring the package to someone else it is done with the understanding of that person that any additional costs imposed by a supplier related to/or as a consequence of the change are payable by the customer)

I cancelled my trip before the event was cancelled, now the event has been cancelled can I get my money back and have an RCN?

Unfortunately not. If you cancel the trip before the Tour Operator cancels it you are liable to pay cancellation charges. It’s best to wait for us to communicate with you. Always call us first.

Do I need to provide proof of vaccine or negative test to travel?

From the 4th October the UK government requirements for entry back into the country will change and the action required will depend on whether you are vaccinated or not. Further information can be found here

the requirement to be fully vaccinated for travel will depend on the destination – some destinations specify that you must be vaccinated with both doses and at a specific timeframe to be permitted entry, avoid quarantine or to face a different set of testing requirements. Further information about the requirements for proof of vaccination, type of testing required and any further entry requirements can be found here

What happens if I fall ill/diagnosed during the trip and have to quarantine in destination or am unable to travel home as planned?

We want to assure you that as your chosen tour operator we are here to look after you and have experience over many years in destinations all over the world with thousands of customers. If you come into difficulty in the resort then we will assist you as best we can. We can’t talk about every scenario that might occur but should you need to quarantine it is likely that this will be an additional cost you incur and you should ensure that you know your travel insurance details and the details of that policy. If your travel arrangements need to change, we will do all we can to assist in facilitating this.

I am not able to quarantine/Self isolate on my return to the UK, can I get a refund?

If the destination of your trip does not have a quarantine restriction and the trip can run as planned or without significant amendments then the option to cancel for free is not available unfortunately and any cancellation will incur cancellation charges. The requirement of any period of self-isolation or quarantine in the UK on return sits outside of the holiday booking. We have amended our policies to offer customers the flexibility to amend their booking. Please check the following website for the latest on the quarantine requirement and which countries may be exempt

There is a requirement to quarantine upon arrival at the destination of my trip, can I cancel and get a refund?

If the destination of your trip has a requirement to quarantine on arrival and this is known in advance of travel and the result of which is that the trip cannot run as planned or without significant amendment you are entitled to cancel and receive a full refund of monies paid. In these cases we will be in touch with you to advise of the situation. There are some destinations where, for example, 24 or 48 hours of hotel quarantine may be required whilst arrival test results are awaited, if this is known in advance and planned for within the package this will not enable a cancelling of the trip as it will have been planned for.

What is the FCDO advice on travel?

As we have seen throughout the Pandemic, travel advice can change very quickly so it is important that you keep yourself updated on the situation through the link provided. Each destination will have its own requirements for entry and local restrictions in place.

Can I expect things to be different during my trip?

Yes. To what level depends on what country you are visiting but you can expect some differences. You will be required to wear a mask on and during your flight and each airport will have a clearly listed set of instructions for within the airport. Sporting venues will also have their own set of guidelines that we will summarise for you that will encompass social distancing, mask-wearing and what tests you might need to take to attend or prove results of for attendance.

Is Covid testing included in my package?

No. Our packages do not include Covid Testing as this is the responsibility of the individual passengers to book the appropriate suitable testing requirements for their own situation and destination. We have listed 2 independent providers which can be used should you wish. All passengers are completely free to choose and book their testing provision with suppliers of their own choice.  



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