Argentina Destination Guide

As one of the most popular destinations in South America, Argentina continues to attract holidaymakers in their thousands. It’s easy to see why thanks to its outstanding wildlife, majestic natural parks and stunning architecture.

The Iguazo Natural Park and El Cafate National Park both provide spellbinding scenery, magnificent weather and wonderful walking routes. However, Argentina isn’t just a place for outdoors enthusiasts. Santa Fe offers a relaxing small-town feel, great nightlife and stunning colonial architecture, while the capital Buenos Aires is a cultural hub full of unforgettable attractions.

What’s more, Mendoza’s wineries, nature parks and monuments should not be missed. You can even take a day trip from the province to the extraordinary Andes mountain range. San Juan is another must-see area, providing outstanding architecture.

Currency: The Argentine Peso is the currency of the country with 25 peso roughly equating to £1.30 at the moment.

Climate: Argentina’s climate varies wildly depending on location, with the northern area enjoying subtropical temperatures while the southern and central areas see subpolar and temperate conditions respectively.

Customs and etiquette: A large percentage of Argentina’s population originate from European countries, creating a wide mix of cultures and views. Tipping is expected at all restaurants, so be sure to check the recommended percentage.

Buenos Aires

El caminito in la boca buenos airea, Argentina

Based off the western shore of Rio de la Plata, Buenos Aires is rich in culture and home to a wide range of people from different backgrounds and religions. Its diverse population makes for an incredible atmosphere, while its decorated history provides some truly breathtaking architecture and museums.

For those interested in art, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes should not be missed. Expect incredible works from Benito Quinquela Martin, Xul Solar, Eduardo Sivori and other acclaimed artists.

Centro Cultural Kirchner is another fantastic attraction. It was converted from a central post office into a venue featuring amazing art galleries, event spaces and the magnificent Ballena Azul concert hall. The Recoleta Cemetery is another outstanding place to visit, featuring magnificent art and sculptures and the resting place of Eva Peron.

Must see: Whether you’re a theatre enthusiast or not, Teatro Colon is a truly awe-inspiring building and one of the most important opera houses in the world. Since its opening in 1857, the venue has attracted some of the biggest names in the industry.

Shopping: The Dot Baires Shopping Centre is one of the top places to find bargains in Buenos Aires, with plenty of local and high street brands to choose from along with outdoor entertainment and vegetation.

Getting around: Taxis and buses are available in Buenos Aires, but the metro is the fastest and most affordable way to explore the city with flat fares at 1.10 pesos.


Mendoza wine, Argentina

Based in the Cuyo region of Argentina, Mendoza is renowned for its fantastic wine vineyards with magnificent tours available. The city is also home to a variety of stunning architecture and glorious countryside.

While it may not have the metropolitan atmosphere of Buenos Aires, Mendoza is an amazing destination for a relaxing holiday. With amazing South American food and some of the best wine in the world, it’s the perfect place for people to put their feet up.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to explore the great outdoors, trips to the Andes and Mount Aconcagua are certainly recommended. These areas boast amazing walking routes and make for some outstanding photo opportunities.

Must see: Parque General San Martin is a beautiful area to visit, providing amazing greenery, beautiful water features and a fantastic San Martin statue.

Shopping: The Palmares Open Mall is the top retail destination in Mendoza, featuring a massive selection of Argentine retailers and restaurants.

Getting around: There is a great bus network across the city, making it easy for visitors to travel to some of the top highlights. The standard fare is around 2.50 pesos.

San Juan

San Juan, Argentina

Surrounded by majestic mountains, this wonderful city is a haven for those who want to enjoy some of the best natural sites in South America. With wineries based in the valleys of Tulum, Ullum, Zonda, Pedernal and Calingasta, you have plenty of choice and several different tipples to try!

However, San Juan has more to it than just wine. El Leoncito National Park features a variety of outstanding greenery and glorious trails to waterfalls and lakes, many of which are perfect for beginners.

San Agustin del Valle Fertil is another extraordinary attraction, providing amazing landscapes, unique geoforms and some unbelievable trails. Be sure to keep yourself hydrated in summer, as temperatures can be extremely high in the area.

Casa Natal de Sarmiento is another fantastic attraction. The former home of Domingo F. Sarmiento celebrates all of the work done by the former president of Argentina, who played a vital role in the country during the early 1900s.

Must see: Parque Nacional El Leoncito is one of the top places to visit, offering amazing views, breathtaking waterfalls and a conservatory overlooking the whole landscape.

Shopping: The San Juan Shopping Centre is a premier retail destination for visitors, featuring a host of high-street brands and a varied food court. Be sure to check out some of the fantastic independent shops in the city centre, too.

Getting around: There is a fantastic bus network across the city, connecting passengers to many of the most popular areas. The minimum fare is 1.30 pesos. 

Santa Fe

Santa Fe, Argentina

Overflowing with wonderful art, fantastic restaurants and a laid-back atmosphere, Santa Fe is a fantastic option for visitors to Argentina.

One of the top attractions is the El Molino Cultural Factory, where people of all ages can learn about fascinating new artworks made from a wide variety of materials. It’s a magnificent look at the inventiveness of culture and expression and stands as one of the city’s proudest buildings.

Another fantastic place to visit is the Suspended Bridge, which connects two sides of Santa Fe with classic houses, pubs and restaurants nearby. It’s the perfect place to enjoy splendid riverside views and take in the city’s delightful atmosphere.

What’s more, Plaza 25 de Mayo is located in the busy downtown area and includes a column dedicated to national freedom and a statue representing liberty along with several other monuments. It’s a fantastic place to relax and learn about some of Santa Fe and Argentina’s most important figures.

Must see: The Convento San Francisco provides a fantastic insight into the history of Santa Fe, featuring amazing gardens and a museum highlighting the importance of the building, which has stood since 1860.

Shopping: The Alto Rosario Shopping Mall has a fantastic variety of shops selling everything from high-street products to local wares. There is also an excellent cinema and a selection of restaurants.

Getting around: There are a number of buses crossing the city, making it easy for visitors to reach the top attractions. There are daily passes and single journey tickets available.



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