Augusta is synonymous with golf, but there is much more to this Georgia city than many people realise. With some amazing local history dating back to the pre-Civil War era, spectacular outdoor activities and some of the best restaurants in the state, it is an excellent destination in its own right.

Getting Around


Greyhound Bus Lines run a number of services throughout the city, but it may be easier to rent a car and travel at your own free will. Many of the top attractions here are far apart and timetables are limited.

By opting for your own vehicle, you will be free to explore all of the destination’s top attractions and make the most out of the spectacular outdoor activities available, as these areas are further away from downtown and difficult to reach via public transport.

What to see


The Augusta Museum of History is one of the top attractions in the city and has been a key part of its tourism sector for years. The exhibit showcases a wide variety of historic artefacts dating back centuries, including collections covering the legacy of golf, the career of James Brown and the evolution of transport across Augusta.

Whether you’re a fan of the outdoors or not, the natural beauty across Augusta is absolutely phenomenal, with plenty of amazing parks and trails to discover. The most popular of these is arguably the Riverwalk, which stretches across the Savannah river in the downtown area. Views from here are truly breathtaking and events are scheduled throughout the year, including a July 4th fireworks display.

The Phinizy Swamp Nature Park is a 1,110 acre land with some truly outstanding walks for travellers to explore. It has become a key area for environmental research and is the habitat for many birds including red-shouldered hawks and bald eagles.

The Imperial Theatre is a fantastic option for theatre fans, too. Family shows, orchestral performances and ballet is scheduled at this magnificent venue this year. Its classic architecture also helps to provide a truly incredible atmosphere.

Where to eat & drink


Augusta has a thriving food scene with some of Georgia’s top restaurants spread across the city. Whether you want to experience some classic southern American dishes or sample some of the region’s best seafood, there are a great variety of delicacies on offer.

One of the Augusta’s most popular eateries is the Frog Hollow Tavern, where travellers can taste some of the USA’s most popular meals. The pork shoulder here is incredible and, thanks to the generous servings, you’re sure to leave full and content.

Giuseppe’s Pizza and Italian Special is another restaurant that cannot be missed. The pizza here is delicious and, with many different toppings available, it’s easy to see why visitors keep coming back.

For a relaxing tipple, Sheehan’s Irish Pub and Carolina Ale House are fantastic options with varied drink menus and some great offers. 



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