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Bangladesh is full of amazing culture, stunning scenery and unbelievable food, making it a phenomenal destination for travellers looking to experience a new way of life and understand the country’s compelling history.

Exceptional museums, stunning parks and a pleasantly laid-back atmosphere help to make it very easy for travellers to fall in love with this majestic country.


Bangladesh Sari

Located next to the beautiful Buriganga River, Dhaka is the proud capital of Bangladesh and attracts thousands of people every year. With exceptional things to do, amazing architecture and a population of 17 million, the city is bursting with character.

On the whole, Dhaka is not the place for those looking for a relaxing break, but travellers willing to explore and make the most out of this vastly diverse location will be rewarded. Once you get settled with the fast pace of life here, it’s easy to appreciate its beautiful mosques and temples, along with its spectacular art and food scenes.

What to see

With so much to see and do across Dhaka, planning a trip can be challenging. One of the best ways to make sure travellers can enjoy their trip is to make a list of their leading attractions. Whether you’re a culture vulture or just want to relax, there is something special to enjoy in this amazing destination.

To truly understand the prestige of Bangladeshi culture, Dhakeshwari Temple should be right at the top of your to-do list. The architecture at the venue is absolutely majestic and offers some incredible photo opportunities for travellers.

Lalbag Fort is another must-see attraction, where visitors can explore a 17th century Mughal fort development that overlooks the sensational Buriganga River. It’s certainly a step back from the city’s busy streets and allows travellers to gain a great understanding of the country's culture.

Getting around

Bangladesh’s transport network is particularly unique as, along with cars, boats and buses, rickshaws are one of the most popular modes of transport. These are pedal-driven vehicles that come with battery kits to reduce the work of running them. They’re available in all of the tourist areas and can be hailed by simply yelling “Rickshaw!” while holding out an arm downwards.

Around 8,000 km of Bangladesh is navigable on water, so travellers may as well take advantage with some picturesque boat rides and capture some amazing snaps to show friends back home.  

Where to eat/drink

There are plenty of excellent restaurants across Bangladesh, where travellers can look forward to sampling some of the country’s most critically-acclaimed eateries. These include the extraordinary Izumi, where some mouth-watering seafood dishes are available.

If you’re looking for some barbecue dishes with a Bangladeshi twist, Bar B Q is the ideal place. Kebabs are the specialty here and you can expect a variety of delicious flavours at affordable prices.

Hazir Biriani is another excellent option, where tourists can look forward to delectable biryani with a selection of delicious sauces.



Chittagong is the major seaport city of Bangladesh and is the second largest city in the country by population. There is a rich variety of attractions across this beautiful destination, ranging from the mesmeric Boga and Foy’s lakes to the fascinating Zia Memorial Museum.

Whether you want to take a step back into the past by exploring the location’s stunning architecture, or try some of Bangladesh’s delicious cuisine, this coastal metropolis is a wonderful place to explore.

What to see

To truly appreciate the spiritual atmosphere of this delightful city, Boga Lake is a fantastic place to visit. With clear, glistening water surrounded by the phenomenal Bangladeshi landscape, there is so much for visitors to explore. Beautiful waterfalls are coupled with stunning hills, excellent restaurants and an all-round magical atmosphere.

On the other hand, Foy’s Lake combines the serenity of nature with a brilliant theme park. Therefore, whether you want to explore the wilderness or want an adrenaline rush, there is plenty to look forward to in this unforgettable area.

The Zia Memorial Museum is another great attraction. Constructed in the British colonial period, the building is a magnificent feat of architecture and is full of interesting exhibitions from the country’s past, with a particular focus on former president Mr Ziaur Rahmans.

Getting around

Much like the capital Dhaka, there are many ways for visitors to travel around Chittagong. Rickshaws are a popular mode of transport here too and are really effective at taking people from A to B.

Taxis and buses are available, but it is also easy to walk around many of the destination’s tourist areas, as the city’s road network can be quite easy for people to follow.

Where to eat/drink

Visitors are spoilt for choice when it comes to food in Chittagong, where delightful Indian, Chinese and Bangladeshi dishes are available. One of the top options is Handi Restaurant, where people can look forward to some exquisite meals. However, it does get very busy, so it is wise to set off an hour or so early to ensure you can get a table.

Ambrosia and Bonanza are other excellent eateries, where tourists can look forward to food from all over the world at affordable prices, so you won’t be limited to just local cuisine.



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