Belgian Grand Prix 2015

    It was a refreshing change arriving at London St. Pancras to get the Eurostar from the hustle and bustle of a normal airport departure. Checking in, getting through security and sitting down having had a cup of coffee and pastry all within ten minutes of arriving at the train station was brilliant and so, so easy. Although I did set the beepers off when walking through the security gate, but we don’t talk about that as an experienced traveller!

    On arrival in Brussels, we jumped straight onto our transfer bus to our hotels which was a short 15 minute drive through a city that was not familiar to me. It’s a very pretty city with large squares throughout. Between which are lots of small coffee shops, restaurants and bars. The weather was brilliant and bright sunshine was consistent throughout the weekend. On arriving at the hotel, everyone checked in and then headed out to sample the coffee shops, architecture and to trial some of the famous Belgian beer. We then met up again at the welcome drinks that evening - some people had explored Brussels, however some had chosen to have a more relaxed day in the sun with a cold beer as their favoured choice.

    I was really excited to get to Spa Francorchamps as it’s a brilliant track and has everything you could want for a F1 race. Qualifying was close between the Mercedes teammates and they were battling for pole. Rosberg and Hamilton were pushing each other and pole changed a few times until the end when Lewis secured pole for the next day. With the rule change being brought it the start of the race, it was going to be an interesting one and who will have the best start was down to the individual drivers' skill. As the drivers lined up and the lights were red, the whole crowd fell silent which was an amazing sensation and then the noise of the cars pulling away is overwhelmingly fantastic! The majority of the grandstands are around the start line and as the cars took off and headed into Eau Rouge, Rosberg had lost a few positions but Hamilton had a good start and controlled the race well from then onwards. Vettel was unlucky to surrender his podium place to a tyre shredding two laps before the chequered flag. It was a great race and the usually unpredictable weather behaved to give us fantastic race in the sun.

    The track is 1hr 45m from Brussels on a normal day; for qualifying we were bang on time for both the outward and return leg. Due to race traffic it took longer on the return leg on Sunday, but was perfectly judged as the only rain we had was whilst we were travelling from Spa to our hotel!  All the hotels are centrally located which makes it even easier to explore Brussels and plenty of places on your doorstep to eat in the evenings. The 2015 Belgian Grand Prix weekend was brilliant fun. We had an amazing team in Belgium and great customers which always adds to this brilliant experience. 

    Henry K.



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