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With a busy summer of cricket now in full swing, the Gullivers team have been busy down in New Zealand planning for the England Cricket team's tour of New Zealand in 2018, at time of writing, with the dates expected to be announced any day now. Whilst the weather wasn’t fantastic (it’s winter!) New Zealand was incredible and we are really excited about visiting this beautiful country in their summer to watch the test series.

The team at Gullivers have been all over the country checking out hotels, scouring the best options and excursions to enjoy whilst in New Zealand and making sure that we provide you with only the best and most competitive options from the local suppliers – from gondola rides to hot pools, we’ve tried it all so we know the best places to go ready for the trips to New Zealand. As soon as an announcement is made on the dates and venues we will be ready to put our packages together and have them ready for you to book! 



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