Staff members taking a photo with dancers in Barbados


    Who are you/ your role:

    Olivia Kosylowicz – Operations Executive

    Your trip:

    3 – 21 December, Barbados and Grenada, England Cricket Tour to West Indies 2023

    What was your favourite Island?

    I’ve been to Barbados a couple of times, and it was nice to experience the island of Grenada for the first time on this trip. I feel like whilst every island boasts their turquoise water and white sand beaches and plenty of rum, that’s where the similarities end. Each Island has its own gorgeous vistas and different things to offer so it is very difficult to pick my favourite. Grenada is a much smaller island to Barbados and was covered in such beautiful greenery and very vibrant in colour with some majestic waterfalls.

    What was your favourite part of the trip?

    It’s hard to pick a favourite moment when you’re in the Caribbean. Some of my favourite moments of the trip range from swimming in the ocean early in the morning, including with the racehorses in Barbados to jumping into the beautiful Concord Waterfall in Grenada.

    You can’t really be disappointed by any of the Caribbean islands, from the moment you arrive there is such a great vibe in the air, endless flow of music, great food, friendly locals, and extremely relaxed atmosphere.



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    Staff member in Grenada


    How were the Cricket Matches?

    I think we could all agree that England could have played a bit better during their time in Barbados. A bit of Caribbean drizzle did disrupt the games a little bit but didn’t stop the fans having a great time. There was a fantastic upbeat atmosphere that naturally comes along with the Caribbean, even more so with the West Indies playing so well so the locals truly showed us their ability to celebrate. However, having great food and music to accompany, you can’t really be too disappointed.

    Grenada showed a lot more promise from England and the 2nd match here was extremely good to watch. It was nice to finally see England win. The Island of Grenada did not disappoint either with their passion, music and beautifully and brightly coloured dancers at the stadium.

    We can't wait to experience the West Indies again at the ICC Men's T20 Cricket World Cup - West Indies & USA 2024

    What would you recommend doing on the different Islands?

    In Barbados I would recommend travelling down to Carlisle Bay to see the swimming racehorses. You need to get up at around sunrise to see them, but it is worth the early wake up and trip down, there is something so calming about the experience. If you’re lucky the handlers will let you get in the water up close to the horses too. If you’re interested, I would also take a trip to the Garisson Savannah Racecourse and experience a day at the races in true Barbadian Style.

    Oistins Fish Fry is also the place to be on a Friday night in Barbados. Great food, fantastic music, an amazing atmosphere, and some very good dancing!

    In Grenada, I would recommend a trip to one of the many beautiful waterfalls. We visited the Concord falls. It’s nice and peaceful to watch or if you’re up for it, go for a swim and take a jump off the edge into the cool fresh mountain pool.




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