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Gullivers Sports Travel are proud to announce an exciting new partnership with BLK Sport which will see the BLK providing tour groups with quality on and off field apparel for the next two years.

Chief Marketing Officer Jason Sintome saying the rapidly expanding BLK brand was a perfect fit for the iconic Gullivers Sports Travel brand.

“Internationally recognised and respected, Gullivers Sports Travel is the United Kingdom’s leading multi-sport tour operator.

Likewise BLK has enjoyed significant international growth during the past 12 months, fast becoming the on and off field brand of choice for sporting teams and groups around the world. “

“Currently BLK provides cutting edge, high performance apparel for more than 5000 athletes, teams and clubs around the world with each team benefitting from the same technology and materials used to ensure our professional and elite sporting partners are able to compete at the highest level, those same garments will now  be provided to all Gullivers Sports Travel staff and customers.”   

More than 5000 grass roots sporting teams, schools and universities around the world  proudly competing in quality BLK apparel, while the brand has also formed partnerships with more than 30 professional and national sporting teams.

Gullivers’ Managing Director Sam Seward said

“As regular visitors to the southern hemisphere, the Gullivers team have seen fantastic-looking BLK kit being used widely by professional and amateur athletes and players alike. As BLK gathers prominence in the UK & Europe, we are proud to be partnering with them as our apparel provider for our playing tours, supporters tours and staff.  BLK are synonymous with quality, just like ourselves, and we look forward to working with them over the coming years.  All our customers, whether a player, a tour leader or a supporter, can be assured that our merchandise is of the highest standard and can be used long after their tour has finished, presenting fantastic value for money.”

Visit to see the full list of BLK pro-team partners along with the ranges of clothing or contact Sales Manager Sam Raven to discuss having BLK assist your team, school or university to go #beyondlimitsknown



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