Milan, Lake Como and Bergamo make for a fantastic European trip, offering extraordinary culture, amazing shopping and some glorious scenery.

We all know Milan as one of the most sophisticated cities in the world. With unforgettable sights such as Milan Cathedral, L’Ultima Cena and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, incredible museums and beautiful parks, it’s no surprise that the destination has maintained its magical appeal.

Similarly, Lake Como offers a majestic experience unlike no other.  You can’t expect bustling high streets here, though you can look forward to mesmerising tranquility, outstanding parks and breathtaking views of one of Europe’s most historic lakes.

Bergamo is another exceptional option for travellers looking to enjoy the divine beauty of Italy. Split into Alta (the upper city) and Bassa (the lower city), the destination is full of amazing trails and treasured artefacts. Travellers should not miss the fantastic views from La Citta Alta, or the amazing Monaestero D’Astino, which is surrounded by luscious scenery with a host of great restaurants nearby.

Getting Around

Milan tram

The best way to explore Milan is through the public transport system, which has four subway lines with short wait times and plenty of departures throughout the day. There are also vast bus and tram networks throughout the city, giving travellers plenty of options when it comes to getting around.

When it comes to Lake Como, there are many boat departures for those wanting to experience the relaxing waters, while buses are available to take visitors to mountainside villages and local valleys.

On the other hand, the easiest way to explore Bergamo is through the bus network, with Line 1 buses taking passengers from the airport to Citta Alta and many stops in between. 

What to see

Lake Como

Deciding where to visit in Milan can be particularly difficult. With a wide selection of great attractions to choose from, it is vital that travellers plan their trip properly and make the most out of the many delights the city has to offer.

The Milan Cathedral is a great place to start. Development of the building began in 1386 and continued for centuries, with some parts still yet to be finished. With its visually arresting gothic style and 158m height, the construction has a truly unique presence in the city and contributes to the city’s majestic aesthetic.

L’Ultima Cena is a must-visit for art fans, where Leonardo Di Vinci’s most famous work, the Last Supper, is stored.  Once you’ve appreciated the phenomenal art and culture, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele is a fantastic place to get on with some shopping, where a host of designer stores are located, surrounded by astonishing architecture.

For visitors to Lake Como, the atmosphere is far more relaxed. The gardens of Villa del Balbianello and Villa Carlotta will be top of the list. These are great destinations for travellers to gaze over the stunning lake, enjoy a picnic and simply get away from it all. To properly appreciate the beauty of the area, visitors should go kayaking or canoeing and take in the serene environment.

Much like Lake Como, Bergamo’s selling point is its laid-back vibe and close proximity to the wilderness. Monastero d’Astino is one of the most tranquil areas in Italy, offering some spectacular trails through some of the nation’s most beautiful countryside. La Citta Alta is one of the most popular attractions for travellers. While it is quite a long walk, the amazing architecture, cafes and restaurants awaiting at the top make it more than worthwhile. 

Where to eat and drink


As you’d expect, Milan has some of the most critically-acclaimed restaurants in Europe. Although Italian dishes are the obvious speciality here, tourists can expect a fantastic variety of delicacies from across the globe.

Sapori Solari is one of the best places to try local cuisine, with great value cutting boards featuring a range of meats and cheeses, along with a host of experimental recipes. If you’re looking for something a little different, Iyo is one of the top sushi restaurants in the city, offering some mouth-watering Asian meals and a fantastic wine menu.

In Lake Como, there is an excellent selection of restaurants, and it’s ideal for anyone looking for Mediterranean or Italian dishes. Perhaps top of the list is Il Cavatappi, where delicious lamb, fish and beef dishes are served in a stunning, intimate setting. Those wanting some American grub will be pleased with Mystic Burger, which has a fantastic burger menu and a wide assortment of drinks to choose from.

Delicious food also awaits in Bergamo. As you can imagine, the seafood here is truly spectacular and there are plenty of extraordinary restaurants to try, including Osteria Al Gigianca and Trattoria Camozzi da Claudio. Both of these eateries provide outstanding customer service and offer diverse menu, with dishes such as swordfish, grilled squid and Greek veal baked with crauto red and polenta. 



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