Staff in Monaco


    Friday 26/05/2023

    Ollie, Lynsay and I had travelled up the night before to Gatwick airport, ready for the morning to help clients check in for their chartered flight. Once guests were checked in, we checked in ourselves and made our way through the airport, excited for the weekend to come!

    It soon was time to board, and after making sure guests were boarded, we took our seats. After a speedy 1.5 hour flight we were flying over Nice, which had spectacular views over the sea and coastline. We landed and swiftly made our way through the airport- even the bags quickly made it off the flight! We then helped to escort guests to the correct coach depending on the hotel they were staying at. Walking out of the airport you really felt that blast of heat we all love when we go on holiday!

    Once guests were safely on the correct coach we headed off. The coach I was on had a quick 15-minute journey to hotel Le Negresco. We helped the guests check into this beautiful 5* hotel before heading off to our own.

    Once checked in and unpacked, I joined Harry on the walk to the Radisson Blu Hotel in Nice for Welcome Drinks. We had a few of these events dotted around Cannes and Nice at selected hotels, where guests could have a few free drinks and mingle with other guests on the tour. Our welcome drinks were a big hit, as we were lucky enough to have them on their rooftop bar, which had incredible views over the Promenade des Anglais and the sea beyond!


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    monaco f1 staff with car


    Saturday 27/05/2023

    Early Saturday morning staff were ready to take clients on transfers to Monaco, ready for an exciting qualifying day. My Saturday however started with a busy day exploring some of the hotels that we will be using in Cannes and Nice for the Rugby World Cup later on this year. The qualifying race was exciting with Verstappen getting first position with Alonso and Leclerc getting respective second and third place. The weather stayed dry and hot all day, much more enjoyable than the non-stop rain from the year before! After an exciting day at the races, clients either stayed in Monaco to soak up the atmosphere or caught the transfers back to have a relaxing evening in either Cannes or Nice.



    monaco gp car view


    Sunday 28/05/2023

    This morning was an early start to catch a train from Nice to Monaco for Race Day! Once there we explored the streets, looking at the merchandise stands that had popped up along the sides. We then decided to visit the Fan Zone, an area for ticket holders to relax and watch the days events on a huge screen, grab some food or even try and race others in changing an F1 cars’ tires! After exploring the area, Aimee, Lynsay and I went to visit the Old Town and see the breath-taking views from the Secteur Rocher (General Admission) viewing area. It was beautiful with panoramic views over the harbour, the yachts and part of the racetrack and stands.

    Next, we explored Old Town, where we walked through the quaint coloured streets and peeked into the cute shops. We grabbed lunch and headed back down the hill to meet the rest of the team before going to find our seats ready for the main race.

    After lunch Aimee and I went to find our seats, the atmosphere was electrifying with people getting ready to watch the race and wondering if there will be any takeovers during it. We had amazing seats sitting in Stand T and were lucky enough to watch the drivers race into the pits, especially when there was a flurry of changing tires once the rain began. The race started with drivers staying in their starting positions, but the crowd still shouted with excitement every time they heard the roar of a car as it raced by. However, as the rain shower hit the track the race dramatically changed as it caused a flurry of off-track excursions, brushes with the barriers and pit lane activity. Max Verstappen kept Red Bull’s 2023 winning record intact by overcoming the rain. Alonso also managed to keep his position at second place, but Leclerc lost his third position, instead coming in sixth whilst Ocon managed to take third.

    Monday 29/05/2023

    Monday morning we managed one last walk around Nice and taking in the sights, before picking up the clients at their hotels ready to catch a flight back home. After the flight, we waved off clients before heading home ourselves. After a fantastic weekend of sun, amazing food, and fantastic racing, I already can’t wait to get on my next Grand Prix tour!


    by Charlotte Carter, Marketing Executive



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