Monaco harbour


    Monaco is well-known for its winding circuit along Monaco harbour and its streets. Find out what your time on a Gullivers tour could look like and why you should experience a Grand Prix race with us.

    Day 1:

    You’re packed and ready to go with your friends and family for an exciting trip away for the Monaco Grand Prix.

    You get to the airport brimming with excitement and after a short flight to Nice, you are met by Gullivers staff, who are just as excited as you. With a smile they help you onto the coach that will transfer you to your hotel. After a quick coach journey, you arrive at your hotel. The heat and smell of the salty sea breeze hits you, and you already feel relaxed.

    The Gullivers team help you check in at the hotel, letting you know they are there for anything you may need including any tips or recommendations for your time in France. As its lunch time you and your family and friends decide to have a wander to Cours Saleya Market where you are captivated by the sights, smells and noises. You decide to try out one of the many cafes that spills out into the street and are ushered to an outside table where you can continue to watch the hustle and bustle of the market. After a delicious lunch you decide to take a walk along Promenade des Anglais, watching the waves roll in, whilst walkers, skaters and families pass by.


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    Nice seafront


    Day 2:

    After a relaxing dinner along the coastline, you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for Qualifying Day. You quickly get ready and head on down for breakfast- there’s nothing quite like a fresh croissant in France!  Soon the coach with a Gullivers representative turns up outside your hotel, and you’re happy to get on the airconditioned coach- it’s going to be a hot one today!

    You soon arrive in Monaco after a short drive and the coach drops you off close to your stands section, the side lines are bustling with people excited for Qualifying day. You get to your section and have amazing views over part of the track with a view of the harbour beyond. You settle in for the first practice of the day, getting to watch your favourite team speed past. After an exhilarating morning, you, your family and friends wander out of your stand and find a busy café amongst the hustle and bustle of other f1 fans. After a round of croque monsieur’s and plenty of chat about the morning and what’s to come in the qualifying race, you are excited to get back to the stand and watch more of the action. The afternoon passes in a blur of excitement, and before you know it, the qualifying race is over. The crowd is buzzing over the day’s action, and what it means for the following race day. You easily find one of the Gullivers staff members, who has been close by throughout the day for chats or anything else you may need. They escort you all back to where the coach is sat waiting to take you back to Nice.

    Once you’ve returned you freshen up and head back out into Nice for a wander through the Old Town with its narrow streets that curves between old buildings and open markets. You find a traditional restaurant and feast on local dishes such as fresh seafood, Salad Niçoise and ratatouille.


    Monaco grand prix


    Day 3:

    Today is the day! The weather outside is perfect for a race day, and again after a filling French breakfast you are picked up by the coach to take you back to Monaco. Today is even busier, with people everywhere, the sounds of music from bars, hotels and yachts floating through the air, trying to compete. You make your way to the stand, slowly taking in all the hustle and bustle surrounding you. Again, you have amazing views, watching everyone have a great time from the stands to the hotel balconies and the parties on the yachts in the harbour. The F1 driver track parade begins, and the crowds go wild, roaring with excitement.

    Once the parade finishes there’s a buzz around the fans, waiting with anticipation for the race to begin. Soon enough you hear the announcement, and the cars race off. You watch as they race around the track, through all the twists and turns that makes the Monaco track so hard to navigate. The next few hours go by in a blur of ups and downs for some racers, chatting excitedly with your family, friends and fellow fans around you and cheering whilst the cars whizz past. Once the race ends, you get the chance to walk the track, feeling the heat from the tarmac and the smell of burnt tyres filling the evening air. You decide to stay in Monaco for the evening to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the party scene where people are having fun and music is blaring from the bars around you. After an incredible evening taking it all in, you catch a train back to Nice, still wide awake from the adrenaline of an amazing day.

    Day 4:

    The next day you wake up, still feeling the buzz from the day before. After breakfast and checking out, you decide to head down to the Promenade for one last walk by the sea before taking the coach back to the airport. Your walk is calm and peaceful, a juxtaposition from the view you had the day before. You are then picked up by the coach and Gullivers representatives. The coach is still full of excited chatter, people talking about the tour and comparing stories about what they had been up to. You arrive at the airport and are helped to check in by the Gullivers team. With that your tour comes to an end, but you’re already thinking about when you can book your next one.

    - Written by Charlotte Carter



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