Gullivers staff at Trevi fountain


    Who are you/ your role:

    Claire Humphries – Sales & Marketing Assistant

    Your trip:

    I visited Rome for the Italy v England opening Six Nations game (1-4 February 2024).

    What was your favourite part of Rome?

    My favourite part of Rome was… all of it! Being able to wander down the streets and getting to explore all of the historical sites was so interesting – particularly seeing the Colosseum close up was amazing!

    What was your favourite part of the trip?

    The whole weekend was really enjoyable, we were so lucky with the glorious sunshine all weekend. My favourite part of the trip was the walk up to the iconic Stadio Olimpico – we started at the Colosseum, walking along the Forum past the Pantheon and stopping at Piazza Navona for some pizza! The Italian food was definitely a highlight of the weekend too with endless pizza, pasta and gelato options everywhere you turn.




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    Gullivers staff with gelato in Rome


    How was the Match?

    The atmosphere in and around the stadium was electric, with lots of England fans making the trip out to Rome to enjoy the game and lots in fancy dress too! The game itself was closer than expected with England coming from behind to beat Italy 27-24, but the Italians never gave up and a late try from Monty Ioane meant that Italy earned a losing bonus point.

    What would you recommend doing in Rome?

    I would recommend grabbing a gelato from one of the many cafes and exploring the city on foot which is the best way to see all of the sights, from the Trevi fountain to the Colosseum there is so much to discover and explore!




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