Vienna Skyline

With a glowing reputation as one of Europe’s most artistic destinations. Vienna offers extraordinary architecture, amazing food and a laid-back atmosphere that convinces holidaymakers to return time and time again.

The spectacular beauty of the city’s historic centre is a departure from many other European destinations, with outstanding architecture developed from Vienna’s time as a Medieval and Baroque city. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, highlighting its incredible cultural value.

However, there’s plenty of other delights dotted across this majestic city, including some extraordinary museums and stunning parks.

Getting Around

Vienna Tram

The public transport network across Vienna is extremely easy to use, with buses, trams and trains all available throughout the city. Travel cards are available for up to eight days and are  online, at travel stations or from TABAK newsagents.

A Hop-on Hop-off bus ticket can also be purchased, which covers a host of major attractions. These can last up to six days.

What to See

Schonbrunn Palace

With a wide variety of different attractions, travellers are completely spoilt for choice in Vienna. Whether you want to create an in-depth itinerary to help you get through your stay, or instead follow your impulses, you won’t be disappointed.

The amazing Schoenbrunn Palace has to be near the top of things to do here. The building was the property of Austria’s Imperial Family for centuries and the architectural masterpiece remains in fantastic condition. Featuring fascinating artefacts, a stunning outdoor labyrinth and a children’s museum, it’s the perfect place to learn more about Vienna’s storied history.

More history awaits in the city’s centre, which has maintained its charm through majestic buildings such as St Stephen’s Cathedral, which was built way back in the 12th century. The captivating architecture and gothic aesthetic helps to create an atmosphere unlike any other city in the world and there are some fantastic boutique shops to explore.

The Museums Quarter is another must-see attraction, with the Leopold Museum, Kunsthalle Wien and Museum of Modern Art boasting mesmerising works from across the globe.

Where to eat and drink

Vienna Spargel

Vienna has a thriving food scene with delicacies from across the world available for good prices. An excellent place to try is Mini, where generous portions of delicious Hungarian dishes are served alongside a vast cocktail and wine menu.

If you’re looking for a filling steak, Dstrikt Steakhouse should be top of your list. The meals here are huge and the customer service is outstanding, while Al Borgo is a great option for Italian food.

For a relaxing drink, Le Toft is a popular choice for tourists, providing a bird’s eye view of the city, amazing cocktails and a truly classy vibe.



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