Here's why you're going to love the Italian Grand Prix!

  • Atmosphere. Until 2020, Monza had been the only Italian stop on the F1 calendar for quite long time! The circuit is one of the largest and is home to the passionate Ferrari supporters, the 'tifosi', creating an incredible, unmissable atmosphere from wherever you're seated
  • Speed. If you love speed, you'll love the track at Monza. It's simplistic design means that it's the fastest track in Formula 1. Monza is famous for it's daunting banked curves and nail biting speeds reached by the drivers - in excess of 350kmh on the straights! You'll never forget the first time you hear that engine roaring past at full speed.
  • History. Built in 1922, Monza is steeped in Formula 1 history, with 70 races being held at the track. It hosts the record for the closest ever Formula 1 finish taking place between Peter Gethin and Ronnie Peterson in 1971 (just 0.01 seconds!)
  • Records. Another world breaking record was set here in 2004, when Juan Pablo Montoya achieved the fastest average lap speed in F1 of 262.242kmh. F1 fans have nicknamed Monza as 'The Temple of Speed, perhaps Montoya's record will be broken this year?
  • Location. Pizza, Pasta and Peroni... Monza is situated in Northern Italy and our packages give you the choice of either staying in Milan, Lake Como or even Bergamo! So not only do you get to witness the speed and excitement of the racing, you can wind down in the evenings and experience the beautiful cities and countryside where you're staying and lap up every part of your destination.

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